How we're operating:

We're opening currently as a restaurant with live music that also serves alcohol beverages.   We want you to understand that how we operate is not under our control.  We're trying to provide a safe food / entertainment venue under strict supervision of the state.  This being said, we are open with food and beverages with two live music acts provided per night.  Due to the cost of the live music schedule, a cover charge is being applied per person for each live event.  This money goes directly to the artist playing.

When are we open?

We are open Thursday through Saturday 5PM until 12PM until further notice.   Food purchase is required to be served alcohol to maintain our restaurant status.

Are masks required

Yes, unless sitting at a table.  Please maintain social distancing.  We are not able to police peoples' behavior while also trying to provide food, beverage and security services.  If you feel unsafe by someone's behavior, please alert staff and they will escalate to the ownership.  If you misbehave or endanger others you will be asked to leave.